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10.04.2012 Used cooking oil replaced with water Status: Case taken
12.03.2012 Unpaid shipment Status: Collecting offers
23.06.2011 The goods are 100% prepaid but not supplied Status: Collecting offers
05.06.2011 Buyer does not willing to pay for the order he has been received. Status: Case closed
02.06.2011 No motorboat, no prepayment Status: Case closed
11.03.2011 Supply of fake product. Case 1 Status: Case closed
11.03.2011 Supply of fake product. Case 2 Status: Case closed
11.03.2011 Supply of fake product. Case 3 Status: Case closed
05.03.2011 Supply of forfeight product. Refusal to handle the claim. Status: Collecting offers
28.02.2011 Received 400pcs fake micro SD cards Status: Collecting offers
17.02.2011 Cheated by an importer from USA Status: Collecting offers
16.02.2011 Non-delivery of goods, refusal to return prepayment Status: Collecting offers
25.01.2011 Полное несоответствие заявленной услуги. Status: Case closed
31.12.2010 Undelivered goods, no return of prepayment Status: Collecting offers
10.12.2010 Unpaid timber products Status: Case closed
10.12.2010 Non-delivery of goods, stolen prepayment Status: Case closed
10.12.2010 Delivery of inferior goods Status: Collecting offers
09.12.2010 Unpaid work Status: Collecting offers
08.12.2010 We paid for the goods, but the sellir did not ship it Status: Collecting offers
04.12.2010 Undelivered goods Status: Case closed
16.11.2010 Non-delivery of the goods Status: Collecting offers
06.10.2010 Goods are not shipped, prepayment not returned Status: Collecting offers
05.10.2010 Supply of fake product Status: Collecting offers
21.09.2010 We paid for the renovation of our house. The scammer took the money and disappeared (we know where he is) Status: Collecting offers
30.07.2010 Return of the prepayment Status: Collecting offers
08.07.2010 Return of prepayment for the undelivered goods Status: Case closed
13.05.2010 No payment for the delivered goods Status: Collecting offers
12.05.2010 Unpaid forwarding services Status: Collecting offers
26.04.2010 Goods are not supplied, prepayment not returned Status: Case closed
26.04.2010 No return of pre-payment Status: Case closed
26.04.2010 Goods not supplied, our prepayment stolen Status: Case taken
13.04.2010 Product sold but not paid in full Status: Collecting offers
23.03.2010 Money paid but no goods received Status: Case closed
19.03.2010 Non-delivery of the pre-paid goods Status: Case closed
18.03.2010 Cars not delivered, money not returned Status: Collecting offers
05.03.2010 We paid the supplier. The order is not delivered, the money is not returned. Status: Collecting offers
05.03.2010 Goods shipped, no payment received from importer based in Moscow Russia Status: Collecting offers
22.02.2010 Unpaid supplied timber Status: Case taken
22.02.2010 Перминов А.Н. невозврат денег за пиломатериалы Status: Collecting offers
22.02.2010 Loan not received, money stolen Status: Collecting offers

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